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Welcome to Love One Million Ways

Welcome to Love One Million Ways

About Us


My Goal is to rebuild!  renew! & to restore!  healthy families one individual, AND ONE COUPLE at a time.

Our goals will be accomplished through a mutual unified effort, on your and my part.

anything is possible! love can be Healed! Restored & Resurrected!  through repentance, COMMITMENT and hard work, daily!

WITH CONSENSUAL  DIALOGUE, & PARTICIPATION, FROM PERSONS WHO DESIRE TO LIVE THEIR LIves, IN ABUNDANCE, and your heart open, mixed with a willingness to gain and to incorporate new life skills and new tools, we begin a possible journey.

 with the help of almighty god......

Lets get to work!


wHEN & what

your journey starts with a new beginning!

Behold!! All things must begin by looking through a new LENS, toward the relationship you desire to create! 

 AT THE ONSET OF OUR FIRST MEETING, in my office, or agreed upon location, & WITHIN EACH SESSION, whether it is FACE TO FACE & THROUGH VARIOUS WAYS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATING, that you and i have mutually AGREED upon, that will work for the two of you; your new beginning will be launched.

honesty & truth are the foundations upon which we must establish as the launching pad, for moving in the direction of revitalization, restoration & wholeness, you desire for your courtship or your marriage.




At our office, i specialize in empowering individuals to become whole from the inside out. 

individualized hand held mirrors are the key to looking within ourselves, first. 

Wholeness is necessary for us as individuals, before we choose to begin our lives with another person to form a Courtship and or a Marriage.

Healthy Relationship Therapy is our main focus! Our Methods Include: 

*Anger Management

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

*Effective Communication Skills

*Respect for Each Others Feelings & Thoughts

 *Positive Affirmations

 *Healthy Sex Education